Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I was just thinking about money and how, though I don't have any ( which is generally quite rubbish) it's probably a good job I'm not loaded because I would just fritter it away on silly things. Such as the following ;-
1. Personalised seat at the filmhouse saying Liz is amazing, or 'there is chewing gum underneath this one' (ps Liz Ely is amazing) - only £450 and a permenant source of amusement and pride
2. Obviously would become one of the Cameo 500 (£500) and then go in and demand that I get a free sackload of popcorn - I would also buy a cat and take it to the cinema with me, which as a special member I would be allowed to do
3. Dancing giant frankenstine('s monster yes I am a lit student) (£99) that is in that shop - cash converter ( classy joint that, we have one in castleford) I would put it in the hall of our flats building and then watch the bemusement of our young proffessional share tennant type people. I would probably get rid of it after a while.
4. I'd buy a cat to kill the mouse in our flat - and then pay someone to look after it for me - they would then have to bring the cat round for visits at times of my choosing. I would pay them £40 per week basic maintenence for the cat - and then £7 per hour for every visit - plus expenses. This would be a very good thing to do because I think it would be a nice part time job for any student - much better than working in Scot mid.
5.would buy the complete simpsons box sets (this is actually a very sensible thing for anyone to do) and then invite my cat sitter round and we could watch them with the cat. cost- £1000 or so maybe ? Maybe a bit less.
6. I would pay louis theroux to make a documentary on my life and the life of my flatmates ( mostly on me though) don't know exactly how much this would cost but would definately be prepared to pay in kind ....
8. would install a jukebox and a pic and mix machine in my flat - this might involve getting a bigger flat.
9. If I get a bigger flat I would put a ballpool in there - and a bouncy castle and a trampoline - but micheal jackson is not coming round to visit no matter how many times he asks

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