Thursday, November 15, 2007

Laziness vs Apathy

I have been thinking about laziness and apathy; because I am lazy, man am I lazy. My father before me was lazy; he has been known to drive to the cornershop to buy chocolate.His mother before him was lazy;she owns one of those grabber things for picking up stuff, though on second thoughts that might be for other reasons, like being old.
It's in my genes, and unless you can change your genetic material by standing infront of a microwave waiting for your tea to be ready, it seems unlikely to change.
I am not however apathetic.

Apathy I think is the curse of our generation ( along with skinny jeans, stupid hair and the knowledge that climate change might actually affect us).
We go to massive lengths to show that we don't care. The second we care about stuff we are lame. I am at university which is plagued with examples of this, usually female wearing tracksuit bottoms, the boyfriend's rugby top, intentionally messy hair and some expensive item to indicate their class.
Though irritating, this is harmless, what is a problem is when people want to change the world and they are made to feel like dick heads for giving a shit. The sneers which people give to 'do-gooder' societies at university, the complete lack of cool associated with working hard. Now don't get me wrong, I shy away from hard work as much as the next person ( what do you think I am - not lazy?) but I care, I really care, and I don't mind saying it. The world is a horrible mess, but I want to do something about it. I know it is probably impossible for all the bad in the world to go away, but I think whilst human beings are alive they should work towards making things better for other people.
Reading back at my last sentence I think, what a loser ! It's a good job I know that I'm cool ( I write a blog right? what's not cool about that !!)
I can understand looking at the world and feeling like there is not much we can do, but going to efforts to prove that you don't care in order to be cool?
I went to a show in the fringe by Josie Long called 'trying is good' , it was very enjoyable - but it focused on small efforts people make, which are nice in their own way, but I think big efforts are better. I think we should start thinking big.
Like Micheal Moore - I like him a lot. There is a man after my own heart, he might use emotive imagary and spin but what a task, to liberalise the conservative poor of America. To take on the Republican government... There is someone who thinks big, and probably drives to the cornershop too.


Devinster said...

Well said! I too agree with your opinions.


twirlingmynci said...

Thanks Devin, I didn't see this comment till now as I was procrastinating by reading some old posts.In a lazy but non apathetic way of course.

Brad Evans said...

Well, yes, he is quite clearly a member of the obese community.

Dave said...

Stated in a most creative manner. Apathy is eroded the values of the Greatest Countrey in the World!

Christy said...

I agree as well. Wish more people thought this way... but alas... it's uncool. :\

Michelle said...

Interesting post. I wonder how many people are just lazy, not apathetic.

The Red Cross made a lot of money from their txting campaign for Haiti. So it seems like people care, they just don't want to make too much of an effort.

supercoolbrian said...

Im no fan of Michael Moore, and I do lean more conservatively, but I really appreciated your thoughts. You're absolutely right. Not caring is probably one of the worst things a society could do as a whole.