Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm a loser baby !!!

It has always struck me that there was an incredible defecit of female losers in popular culture. Comedy is awash with men who are hilriously underdeveloped, stuck in a sort of post adolescent daze. Sitting about in their underwear playing computer games, being generally pathetic. Loser men are everywhere - they form our rock bands, they are our indie singers, our slacker comedians, our comic book artists. It goes without saying that they are on the internet, they are on the internet a lot.
Wait a minute though - so am I ! I am a geek, and a loser, I buy too many dvds and watch them in my pants*, I make bad jokes, I eat and drink too much, I can be a bit daft, I AM LAZY ! I don't want to grow up ( but I want success anyway ) I am rubbish at having a love-life, I fail at getting men to notice me, I say the wrong thing and spend far too much time online, at night.
Alas, I have no penis, but all the pop culture icons I feel I can relate to do. Growing up I wanted to be Jarvis Cocker not a Spice Girl, I wanted to be Eddie Izzard, or Charlie Brooker, or a member of the supernaturals ( remember them?) I wanted to be a loveable loser, and most of the time* I feel like that's what I am.
With the notable exception of Jessica Stevenson in Spaced, and perhaps the Smack the Pony crew, our female slack icons are few and far between. I am writing a blog to address this balence.
I could analyse the reasons for this deficit, but I think people have to work it out for themselves (here's a hint, it's to do with gender inequality)
So yes, I am standing up and saying ( well more like sitting down and typing) I AM A LOSER.
I am including some of my loserish posts from facebook notes too.

*most of the time.... sometimes I am grumpy,cynical and decidedly unloveable. It's ok though, in those moments I am really more Bernard Black/Edmund Blackadder. Or a complete bitch, take your pick.
* Ok so no i don't, I wear Pyjamas - pants is the dream though..... One day......

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