Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Aquados Thoughts

So it's midnightish and I'm eating weatabix ( or 'wheat biscuits' - they are rectangular and slightly smaller but otherwise no difference) with raisins honey and bananas and I can see a box of aquados - which are some washing up tablet type things. I like the name, it sounds like a Spanish water park.

You put them directly in your washing rather than in the little tray thing - very nice, none of this confusion about which powder goes in what tray malarky ( I have been putting a little bit in each tray lately - you can never be too careful). Sure enough on the back of the packet I can read the benefits of aquados NO SKIN CONTACT !! NO MESS ! DISSOLVES STRAIGHT AWAY - etc etc and the final most intreguing one NO POWDER INHALATION!!!

No powder inhalation? I wonder is everyone who uses good old loose powder actually putting themselves at risk from inhaling dangerous washing particles? Is this worse in the case of biological washing powder? Infact what is the difference between bio and non bio - I know it is something to do with enzymes. Then I imagine a little green enzyme with a face eating up dirt.

Then I stopped thinking for a while and continued to eat my supper,then I started to think about farmfoods. I like shopping at farmfoods - though I often wonder at what kind of farm produces large bags of chips at low low prices - a farm of the future no doubt! I wonder if that is funny or not. Probably not.

Thing about farmfoods, apart from the misrepresentative name, and the fact that everything is 50p or a pound or 5 for a pound ( which I like because it helps with maths) and the fact that it is generally filled with poor people, and you can get a snickers for 23p( or 5 for a pound)
is the fact that it somehow allows me a convenient excuse not to shop ethically. Now I believe in organic farming and fair trade and anything that helps society - I really do, and I will pay more for it - but if your only choice is tetley and you get 5 million teabags for 50p - well the choice is a tough one...

These are my thoughts. what an incredible thing they are now on a forum to be read by maybe all of 5 people. I wonder if web 2 ( which we are apparently now in - a web where users are more responsible for content/active) encourages more thought or merely encourages more introspection - people just saying more about fewer things. I think the internet is incredible. I also think I should go to bed.

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