Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Miss Stupid Body

So it seems that there is a beauty pagent between all the Universities in Edinburgh. It's called Miss Student Body. Does anybody here think that's not horrible and sexist? Good, we are agreed then. There is a Mr Student Body apparently coming soon - a nice tokenistic effort to give them some kind of ( particularly weak ) argument against feminists. Either that or they are just exploring other markets, as that is what the whole thing is about. It's a big advertising scheme where they get your university email in order to target advertise to you. This is why they ask you what your favourite shows/films/music are - they claim that it's about 'personality' because personality is apparently important ( which is why it's called Ms Student Personality, oh wait...). Funny then that personality is dictated by your consumption! Their last question is 'what would you spend your money on' - whatever happened to 'how would you make the world a better place?'
They even have a thing on their sponsors page about 'the next generation of brand conscious consumers'........ excuse me while I throw up.

I think this should be the focus for some entertaining action - I have had a few ideas,one of my favourites is entering with the worst possible photo of myself ( complete with suitable jokey feminist slogan - perhaps objectify this!) and seeing how many votes I can get. Now I'm quite good at looking bad by accident, but when I try to look horrific I'm amazing. My face becomes a wonderful contortion of teeth and flab, I look like I have a serious facial disability, it's quite amusing ( though I shouldn't really use it as part of my flirting repoirtie, wouldn't want anyone to think that it was my orgasm face or anything)


I have entered and am now contestant 93 with a gurned up face, and a thing on my hand saying objectify this and a nicely contemptuous profile. As there aren't many contestants so far I am reluctant to draw attention to the thing, also you have to be a student in Edinburgh with a University email to see the profile ( you also have to give them your uni email - so I can understand if you don't want to go look at it!!)

To be honest I thought they might moderate my profile - but no, am in it. Now to see if there are any Edinburgh wide gurning contests.....