Sunday, April 5, 2009


A fellow feminist flagged up this advert for Wilkinson Razors.

The website it was on suggested in an aggravatingly playful tone that the racist stereotypes might 'ruffle a few feathers'. Consider this bird's feather's ruffled in a Hitchcock's The Birds, kind of way. 

Of course it's racist sexist bullshit, that much should be obvious to anyone with eyes that are connected to a brain. Apart from that, who the hell shaves their Bikini line to cheer themselves up? I mean seriously? Surely not even the world's femmiest women think, ooh I 'm bored I'll get rid of some body hair.  That will be fun, I will shave and it will be all bumpy and red, and then my bath will be full of pubes which I will have to then clean. Yes, really, great fun. 

Even if you stick with the stupid stupid garden analogy - would you rather, spend ages gardening, or sod the gardening, invite a some people over, get drunk and have a garden party.

When you are having a garden party, do the guests really care if the garden is overgrown? 
Supposing they do care, one has to ask oneself  'are these the sort of people I want to invite into my garden?'.
Do these guests ever do any gardening themselves?  If they do,  have you ever considered the fact that they might be boring wankers ?

Wouldn't it just be better if we just left our gardens with lots of grass and concentrated on having better parties? Interesting fun parties, where people can let themselves be who they want and relax, rather than feeling arkward and constricted by all the tidiness. 

On a positive note, snaps to South Park for this episode.


Hils said...

yeay for overgrown garden parties!
I have certainly never, ever been that bored :o)

El said...

Crazy ridiculous advert. I must confess though. I am a feminist who still has the pubic hair tidiness idea programmed into her. I've tried to deprogram but no success thus far. However, bugger shaving and waxing. As you mention that leaves red bumpy soreness. Bikini trimmers are the way to go (not when they have shapes like arrows and such though). 'Trimmers' that word even fits the gardening idea. Shame on me. Adding to that, I DO feel better after neatened myself up.

the said...

just came across this, remembering your post here (with which I agree)

xxxc (I sometimes turn up at EFN stuff)