Friday, April 10, 2009

Leaving your house: the fatal mistake that will cost you YOUR LIFE !!

It's a good job I picked up the metro yesterday when I was on the bus, so that I could read about the conviction of the murderer and rapist who killed Moira Jones, a woman in Glasgow. 
Apparrently she had an argument with her boyfriend, and went out for the night; which turned out to be the fatal mistake which cost her her life. 

Yes this is how yesterdays Metro actually covered the story. Moira Jones made the mistake of going out after a row with her BF. How dare she? Don't women know if they go out at night they are likely to bump into rapists and murderers?

It is good of the Metro to warn us women to stay in with our menfolk. Good of them to shift at least some of the responsiblity on to this murdered woman.  After-all, if women will get in the way of violent men what are they to expect?

I hope to see this approach used more often in other fatalaties, ie - 

Boy 16, decides to cross over the street - the fatal mistake that cost him his life!

132 passengers go on holiday to greek island on a plane, the fatal mistake that cost them their lives.  Sue bloggs just needed to get away from work for a little while, little did she know this would be a fatal mistake as the plane she boarded plummetted to the ground. 

Well done the Metro for having the balls to tell it like it is.When bad things happen to people then they have to take responsibility. 


Su said...

Did it actually say that? I mean, did the headline use the words "the fatal mistake that cost ... life" , or was it words to that effect and this is your spin on it? I'm only asking because if those were the actual words I'm disgusted. It seems the article alluded to the above said words which is bad enough, reinforces myths and (as you point out) puts some of the blame on the woman, as well as all sorts of other things. I'm just curious about the headline.

Su x

twirlingmynci said...

the headline wasn't that it was something else (I can't remember now)

I added the 'Leaving your house' bit, what the article said was that the woman had a row with her boyfriend and went out for the night which was the fatal mistake that cost her her life.

But yeah, the headline didn't say that, but in the article it did use those words.

I tried to find it online but I don't think the metro put their local articles on the internet.