Tuesday, February 10, 2009


If you type this into your browser it automatically redirects to menarebetterthanwomen.com. A predictabley mysoginistic wank fest for insecure whiney scuzzbuckets. I mean really mysoginistic, like ' why the fuck did that moron get a book deal and I can't believe amazon are selling it' kind of mysoginy. Probably conceived by the satanic hate child of Richard Littlejohn, Melanie Phillips and Jeremy Clarkson.

At first the re-direction irritated me, but then I realised that the existence of this vomitous website (with no female equivalent) does offer convincing evidence that women are indeed better.

Not conclusive, but convincing.


Maggie Hays said...

Yep, I've seen that website. And I agree with you, it is awfully misogynistic. Thanks for calling them "scuzzbuckets". ;)

beev said...

Amazon should definitely start censoring more books. Free speech has its limits.

Ares said...

@beev: While I agree that the site is incredibly racist and misogynistic and Disk Masterson is a moron and media seeking whore, I have to disagree with you. Free speech does not have its limits. That is why it's free speech. Even the scum of the earth has the right to say what they believe. People just have to learn to ignore it and move on not censor it.

TNSarah said...

Someone should create womenarebetterthanmen.com..