Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Comedy Speed Dating

So I was flicking through the listings for the Glasgow Comedy Festival and came across this event 'comedy speed dating'. That's funny, but not ha ha funny.

The idea of spending an evening watching a bunch of medicore tits on a stage, and then having to sit there listening to dozens more trying to crack a funny within a specific time frame is enough to make me want to end my days single. Tommorrow.

Their wording is, of course, totally sexist 'We all know that the best way to a woman's heart is to make her laugh'. Yup, obviously the only people actively seeking dates are hetero men (or lesbian women but I DOUBT, to a CAPS LOCK extent that the writer had lesbians in his mind when he wrote that. At least, not in a non-sexist way)

Women, you better just sit there and smile while the hilarious men do the 'hard work' and make you laugh. Maybe that's why it costs £19.95 for women and a mere £9.95 for men.

The assumption that men are the funny ones is of course, intensley aggravating. The only justification they can have for men paying less is that fewer men speed date. Why is that? Could it be that it's much easier to get a date, as a man, than the media or popular culture suggest?

Why they think that women are prepared to pay a tenner more, in an attempt to bag a 'funny' man is beyond me...

Yup - this could be you...


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